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whiteboard animation

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Whiteboard Animation

Do you have difficulties capturing your audience attention? Consumer attention spans are getting shorter, and stats show that explainer video is 70% more likely to foster decisions, and audience members will spend seven times longer on your site, engaging with your content via explainer video. Why not not do it with whiteboard animation? Our whiteboard animation uses creative characters full of emotions to engage your audiences.

Our whiteboard animation focus on ESP (Emotional Selling Proposition). We target audiences’ “greed”, “fear”, “envy”, “pride”, “shame”, “enjoyment”, “surprise”, “sadness”, “disgust”, “embarrassment”, “anger” and “love” to name a few to capture their attention. Once we have their attention, we have ignited strong feelings and strong emotions, The kind that will lead your audiences to take action.

We have now tapped into the psychological triggers that capture people’s ATTENTION, and makes them want to take ACTION and this should form the basis of every piece of marketing that you do.

On top of that, a whiteboard animation video is also very versatile. You can add it to your website, social media accounts such as google plus, facebook, youtube channel, twitter, wechat and many more as a form of digital marketing.

No clue where to begin? Our customised services include assisting you to write a compelling script(e.g. problems, products, services, creating awareness, explainer video), voice over and background music. Do not lose out to the thousands already on board? Take action now!

“…get under your audience’s skin….”
“…crawl inside their brains….”
“…haunt their imaginations….”
“And endear them to you”
– by Perry Marshall